“Everything and Everyone who shows up in our lives is a reflection of something that is happening inside of us,”
Alan Cohen

What You See

“What do you see when you look at me, is it me you see or a reflection of something I remind you of in yourself, my color, hair, style of dress, the way I walk, talk, tap my feet, could be anything you see to evoke something in you to like or something you’d rather not see in me.

What do you see in the sunset out west of colors to dazzle, is it the beauty of creation, the presence of the moment or the view of your mind’s eye when long ago and far away you proposed to her and she said yes.

Or, what of the child running barefoot through the grass, is it the playful innocence you see or yourself there in the arms and feet of play, your inner child wishing it could be free again. And what of the plane that flies or the boat that sails, is it the shape, noise, wind or water you observe, or is it your adventurous spirit at the controls to guide the plane through the air or the boat across the sea.

And what of love in its many forms you find, flames of passion, tender embrace of affection, love lost or found, love of mankind, even the country you love you see in yourself. Then there in the homeless, the dirty clothes, tangled hair, grocery sacks of despair, is it their sadness you see or but for circumstances, yourself in their plight.

So then the question begs to be asked, is it not what you see where you look but of what in yourself you see looking back,”

Thomas Himes

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