The Cal of Truth by Thomas Himes

The Call of Truth

After what seemed like a lifetime of crippling bipolar and anxiety disorders, the author awakened one dark night of his soul to the divine light of healing within himself. As the call of his higher consciousness revealed truth, his life changed, transformed by love and forgiveness of the past. He relates the journey with great sensitivity and appreciation of the human condition, modeling the powerful path of spiritual truth within each of us.

Reflections of Us

Spiritual, Earthy, Powerful, Entertaining
“Everything and everyone that shows up in our lives is a reflection of something that is happening inside of us.” —Alan Cohen

It is within the big and the small, the apparent and the hidden, the absurdity and wonder, and the mystery of our lives that we truly see ourselves. Something about a stranger, a new awareness of a family member or friend, those we share our life with at work or play, being in love or on a spiritual journey—all reflect something happening inside of us. So, come along bold and gentle spirits, take a seat on the bench of us and be ready to laugh, shed a tear or two, and be entertained by Reflections of Us, a collection of verse.

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Call of Truth Reviews

“A powerful and interesting book to provide others with hope of overcoming the seemingly overwhelming human conditions that attempt to strangle life. Thomas experienced the depths of these melees of mind to soar to the heights of clarity with love and understanding of humanity. I wholeheartedly recommend reading and experiencing The Call of Truth as a resource based upon the fullness of his Divine experience. Blessings to those experiencing this amazing story, which demonstrates how life’s obstacles hone and temper spiritual revelation of truth,”
Louann Hillesland, MA, LPC, religious science practitioner

“A wonderful story uniquely written and insightful of this man’s sojourn to uncover the “Truth” of his soul. I experienced it as a beautiful “call and response” between the human and divine self, revelations of the struggle to an enlightened understanding of the purpose of life. I found it so amazing, I had to ask him if it really was his life or a fictional interpretation. He confirmed it as his journey! A story told with acumen and awareness, punctuated by the Divine within,”
Dr. Jim Strunk, religious science practitioner and noted instructor of Kriya Yoga meditation.

“Rarely does one encounter an author who puts it all on the line as Thomas Himes has in The Call of Truth! In this powerful message, he lays out in meticulous detail how personal and challenging life can be when dealt the hand he was dealt. I wondered when would the pain and the lessons end. This book is a reminder of just how resilient we are! Year after year, and painful events one after another, would be enough for many of us to just give up. This is also a book of hope that even after a life of disappointments and a father who experienced severe mental disorders, one can transcend and uplift their own lives. Thomas has written a spiritual, inspiring masterpiece,”
Dr. Vern Martin, retired religious science minister, spiritual teacher and coach.

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